- ( A Big Collection of Domains )
  • Verify the domain name eligibility for transfer i.e., initial registration of the domain name was atleast 60 days ago

  • For ownership confirmation disable domain name whois privacy protection tool or private registration

  • Send the domain name(s) through email within the domain's WHOIS administrative contact in "Domains Submission Format"

  • Upon domains listing approval we send email confirmation thereafter need to set up the listed domain(s) URL forwarding to our website

  • We charge 10% commission from SELLER

  • # Send Domains to

    # To remove domain name(s) expired or dropped contact us.

    Domain Transfer will take between 5 and 10 days under normal circumstances

    TO BUYER :-

  • Assured domain name transfer prior to paying through Paypal
  • Upon payment confirmation we forward the Domain Name Transfer Authorization Code
  • At any circumstances if deal cancelled we refund the full amount
  • TO SELLER :-

  • Assured payment prior to Domain Name Transfer to BUYER
  • Upon payment confirmation from BUYER we contact for Domain Name Transfer Authorization Code
  • Verify domain name is not on hold/lock with your current registrar
  • # View Domain Transfer Videos for your guidance